Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let's not reach for the stars.

What a tragedy.

That is, if there is truth to the balloon floating around that a reach-for-the-sky building will come up on the the massive vacant land available once the Bangalorean horses are made to gallop to the outskirts of the city (Well, I wouldnt be surprised if the horses themselves were to be saying 'neighhhh' to the idea of stones and bricks and mortar being dumped on their playgrounds!) :-)

It is inevitable that as a city develops, it grapples with seemingly opposing needs (like trees having to be rail-roaded over to allow the metro to rattle through).

But without going into facts and figures, I would dare say that it would be a fair statement to make that a city is only as great as it allows its citizens to stay in touch with nature. To give the people a sight for sore eyes. To allow some 'green' breathing space. Space to just walk. To take the kids for a stroll. To play some tennis ball cricket. To dip into lunch box sandwiches and snooze under the blue skies. To loll around on green lawns. To hear a few birds chirp. To watch the sunset mellow down over the horizon and melt into the twilight.

Sigh ! Would life not be truly greenly beautiful.

Mr. CM, give us a life. Please.